Santa's Photo Gallery

Christmas Carol in a red jumper and Satna in Red velvet vest and holiday print shirt
Santa likes to work in his vest
Santa by the fireplace with four children
We do Christmas in July too!
Sanda looking a sweet baby
Holding babies is a joy for Santa Tom
Christmas Carol at reading during story time
Christmas Carol will do a special story time
Santa and young girl smiling
Making smiles, making memories
Santa and two young children in front of a Christmas tree
Children of all ages love Santa
Santa and Christmast Carol in front of the family fire place in a private home
We make lots of home visits
Santa by a Christmas tree checking his list
Santa’s list of who’s naughty or nice
Santa greeting a young woman outside a mall
“The REAL Santa?”
Santa holding baby in Santa PJs
Love this little one’s Santa PJs
Santa checking pregnant mother's belly with stethescope
Baby’s first picture with Santa
Santa with baby and mom a year later
Making visits with Santa an annual event
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