Santa's Photo Gallery

Santa and Christmas Carol on a sleigh ride
Santa and Christmas greet you!
Santa with live reindeer
Santa meeting new members of the reindeer herd
Santa ready to hand out presents
We love to hand out presents
Santa and Christmas Carol pose in one of their many holiday costumes
One of the “looks” we offer
Santa and a young boy reviewing his wish list
Santa and a well prepared child reviewing the wish list
Santa holding twins in holiday attire.
Santa loves to hold babies. Here’s double joy!
Santa in furry red attire giving girl a big hug
Santa always has a hug for his friends
Santa checking his list of requests
Santa reviewing his list of requests
Santa standing in front of snowy pines
Santa getting into the holiday mood
Santa in a sleigh with a family of children
Santa’s Sleigh can make a great setting for your photo
Santa holding a baby
Creating precious memories
Santa and Christmas Carol ready for photos at Gardens of Salonica
Santa and Christmas Carol at their annual Gardens of Salonica event
Santa and Christmas Carol coming down stairs at a family home
Santa and Christmas Carol ready to make a surprise entrance
Santa tucking treats into a stocking
Santa is ready to fill your stockings
Santa and reindeer featured on a holiday cookie plate
Santa Tom on a cookie plate
Santa holding a newborn in a santa outfit
Santa and new moms love pictures with newborns in the hospital nursery
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