Here's what People Are Saying about Santa...

Dear Santa and Mrs. Claus,
You were both SO very delightful and your time here with our beloved family has left us with a very special memory. It was particularly fun that our adult children did not know of your coming and thus we had the pleasure of seeing their delight - as well as the grandchildren's - upon your arrival. We loved all the wonderful details such as Mrs. Claus and her red glasses, the way you remembered our family's particulars, and you even arrived in a red truck! They were all special bits to make the "Real Santa" visit so wonderful. When you left, they found Bernard's cousin, the Treat Fairy, had left Santa figure foil wrapped candies in her treat box for each of the grandchildren :)

God bless you as you spread cheer, and I'm confident we will be hopeful of another visit next year. Blessings.   ~ Judy W.

Santa Tom loves people he is the essence of the Santa spirit. Children instinctively recognize him as one of them, and they flock to him at any gathering   ~ Syb

I cannot believe how much Santa Tom looks like the Coca-Cola Santa of my childhood.  ~ Priscilla